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An elegant fusion of traditional craftsmanship and modern machining techniques



This is how we make Manoli Grips.


Heavy vegetable tanned leather develops a beautiful patina with frequent use. You get to earn your patina, and keep it for life.


Yes! Manoli grips will fit any commercially available handlebars (flat bars) except special bars for race bikes (drop bars). If you want to be sure, measure the grip area of your handlebars with calipers. They should be 22.2mm or ⅞ inch.   

Currently, grip shifters are not supported, but we are working on it. To stay informed, sign up for our newsletter.

Manoli Grips feature a unique design that has been patented in April 2022. The innovation lies in the combination of features such as the durable seam and laser-cut perforation pattern, resulting in long-lasting, stylish grips that will develop character with use.

No, Manolis are designed to handle all weather conditions. Heavy leather is sturdy and can withstand getting wet in regular use. Your hands' natural oils will keep the leather in good condition. You can also treat your Manolis occasionally with quality leather wax.

Manolis are available in four leather color options: Tan, Nougat, Mocca and Nero. These colors match the leather used by classic saddle brands such as Brooks England and Gilles Berthoud. Over time, the leather will develop a unique patina with use and the color may change slightly due to sunlight and moisture.

Leather is an ideal material for bike grips. It is a natural product that is resistant to wear and will age gracefully. It also provides a comfortable grip, as it regulates moisture and allows your hands to breathe. Leather has been used for products that come in direct contact with human skin for centuries.

Manoli only uses vegetable tanned cow hides from Italy. Instead of using chemicals, the tanning process is achieved through natural tannins from vegetables. The leather is guaranteed to be free from toxins like chromium-sulfate, which would neither be good for you, nor for the environment. 

The leather is fully dip dyed to keep scratches unobtrusive. Small marks in the surface will “heal” themselves and disappear automatically by just using the grips regularly.  

Manoli is derived from the Italian word for “small hands”. It is a modern take on classic Italian bicycle racing products from the golden age of cycling, such as Campagnolo , Colnago or Cinelli. La dolce vita!

Manolis will be available from Mid of March 2023. They will launch with a campaign on Kickstarter, featuring a special price discount for the market launch. Please make sure to subscribe to our Newsletter to stay up-to-date.


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